Decorated hard shell gourds are said to be one of the oldest art forms dating back some 5,000 years. Early on, artists discovered the beauty and function that this art form provides and have created works of art that have withstood the test of time. Jeff McCombie is on the cutting edge of bringing this art form to the next level.

His journey began over 20 years ago when he had the opportunity to spend time in the Andes of South America. There he admired the decorated gourds that he found on display at festivals, in museums and fine galleries. In later years his career took him to South Dakota where he admired the pottery and decorative arts created by the native peoples. These experiences along with his early years living in the beautiful hills of the Alleghenies set the stage for the work that you see today.

Upon retirement from his career in public education, Jeff began to explore the variety of textures and colors that this medium provides for an artist. His early works strongly reflected a connection with the earth as his work incorporated found objects such as feathers, stones, shells and bark. His present day work continues  to explore and manipulate colors and textures creating organic pieces reflecting the fundamentals of nature.

Jeff has been recognized for hie unique art form through exhibits at fine galleries including Endangered Arts of Hilton Head South Carolina, Raku Gallery Jerome Arizona and more recently the Winkler Gallery in DuBois Pennsylvania. Jeff is a recognized artesian through Pennsylvania Wilds and listed on the artist registry for the Bellefonte Art Museum.

Winkler Gallery of Fine Art, DuBois Pennsylvania 814 375-5834

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